Founded in 1988 Kingsgate Community Church has grown from a weekly gathering in the pastor’s living room to a thriving church in the heart of Peterborough boasting a congregation of over 1200 people. Their old identity had been in place for a number of years and wasn’t really reflecting the vision and values of the church. In 2006 the church moved into a brand new, multimillion pound purpose-built facility. However, they’ve never been defined by the building they gather in. It’s the people, that make the church and they continue to do a great deal of work in the community.

The identity we created reflects this through the prominent use of multi coloured triangles which form a large part of visual brand. The triangles represent the people that make up the church and the visual grid of triangles that has infinite combinations is a representation of the church’s people out in the community and beyond doing God’s work. The logo includes a large ‘K’ made up of 23 triangles and this represents the people of the church coming together as one!